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Any appropriate show can be utilized to present the user with the menu options of step 596 (FIG. 34). In the example of display 598, the options obtainable for every race seem in daring kind, whereas unavailable options seem solely faintly. For example, race 1 and race 2 have already been run. Accordingly, outcomes 608 and 610 seem in daring kind. Races three and 4 have not but been run so alerts 612 and 614 and tape/VCR 616 and 618 seem in bold.

Accordingly, if a house racing fan desired such data, he would wish to make calculations by hand. In distinction, with the present invention, consumer terminal 122 processes the racing data provided by totalisator 102 (FIG. 1), in order that odds for many wager sorts can be found. The consumer can therefore quickly and precisely evaluate these odds interactively in the home.

32, if the menu possibility "other" is chosen at step 534, then the person is introduced with menu choices "racing simulcast schedule," "miscellaneous advertising," "help," and "questionnaire" at step 576. A schedule of which races are being video-simulcast is displayed if "racing simulcast schedule" is chosen. Preferably, a consumer can choose from the displayed listing of simulcast races. When a selected race is chosen from those displayed at step 576, person terminal 122 (FIG. 29) returns the person to step 448 at FIG.

Preferably, racing video 470 is a simulcast from the chosen racetrack corresponding to the subsequent scheduled race. Typically, race previews are proven prior to every race. These previews could contain views of the racetrack, fans, and runners, interviews with jockeys and trainers, and commentary. At post time, the video of the race itself is proven.

The technique defined in declare sixty five wherein the preview video associated to the given race includes a commentary. The methodology defined in claim seventy seven whereby the race quantity corresponding to each racetrack is for the next race that's to be run at that racetrack. The method defined in claim fifty eight whereby the race number corresponding to each racetrack is for a subsequent race that is to be run at that racetrack. The method defined in declare 38 wherein the race number corresponding to each racetrack is for the subsequent race that's to be run at that racetrack. The technique outlined in declare 1 whereby the video related to the given race is a pre-recorded video clip. The technique outlined in claim 15 whereby the race number corresponding to every racetrack is for the following race that is to be run at that racetrack.

Menu 208 is illustrative of a sort of menu that could be used whenever it's desired to show extra data than matches easily onto a single display. Races 1-8 are listed on menus 206 and 208. 10, the letter "F" is placed adjoining to races 1 and 2 to indicate that these races have been run and for which the results have been declared final. When menu 206 is displayed (at step 204 of FIG. 3), cursor 192 is placed at a default place adjoining to race three, because that is the next race out there for wagering.

The consumer terminal 122 (FIG. 2) then presents the person with the option of selecting the wager amount for that race at step 214 (FIG. 3). Hot button 185 subsequently permits the person to bypass selection steps 196, 204, and 212 (FIG. 3), which the consumer would otherwise have to move via. Preferably, any sizzling button arrangement of the current invention permits the person to bypass one or more selection steps (also referred to as "menu layers").

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